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Candid Corner

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Welcome to Dr. Cullinan's Candid Corner... It's more than just straight teeth!

We are very proud of the thousands of smiles we helped create in Naples over the years.

Behind each smile there is a story; some require a detailed, technical explanation.  Others tell the whole story simply with a smile.  We are grateful for the interaction and experiences with each patient and family in our practice.
We believe the full measure of success is best described by the patients themselves.

If you can relate to these testimonials and would like to share your own positive, candid experiences, please let us know.

McAuley's Experience with Dr. C.

McAuley's Experience with Dr. C.

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Mr. McAuley talks about his experience with Dr. Cullinan...

“It’s more than just straight teeth” can best be illustrated in our first video of Mr. McAuley’s experiences.  The proper alignment and function of his teeth required a combination orthodontic treatment, a surgical correction, and ultimately the ideal restoration of his dentition.  In the process, this multidisciplinary treatment opened his airway, produced an ideal, functional occlusion, improved his quality of life, and helped improve his incredible smile.

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