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Naples Office Tour

Our comfortable, modern Naples facility offers state-of-the-art technology designed to provide convenience and protection for our patients and staff.


We use the most current X-ray equipment designed to minimize exposure and allow for a high-quality duplicate x-ray that can be sent to your Primary Dental Care Provider or other Specialty Care Provider.


Our fully equipped, on-site laboratory allows us to perform many procedures, including intra-oral scanning and 3-D model/aligner printing that expedite treatment and helps hold down the cost of treatment for patients/parents.


We use the Ortho II Orthodontic Management System with a network of the latest computers designed to be virtually “paperless.” This high-tech system manages all aspects of your visit from sign-in to check-out.


When you enter the office, you will be in our waiting room. Straight ahead will be the reception desk; and in the corner, you will see the computer with our fully-automated check-in system. The automated check-in lets our staff know that you are here and waiting, thereby minimizing your waiting time. It also displays the reason for your visit, so that we can make the necessary preparations.


The examination and treatment area is an “open” concept space. The open concept provides a warmer atmosphere and children are more comfortable than in the traditional dental setting where they are escorted to an enclosure all by themselves. We have music, conversation and fun. The computer at the center of the area is part of our office-wide comprehensive orthodontic management system. We can display your chart, radiographs, photographs, treatment plan, and any piece of information that we feel we need at the time of you or your child’s visit.


Click the PDF icon to download the Naples Office Tour Infographic.

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