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Orthodontic Services/Treatments

Cullinan Orthodontics is a premier orthodontic practice located in the heart of the beautiful Naples area. With over 35 years of experience in the field, our team offers a range of services from Simple Tooth Movement to complex Surgical Orthodontics (and everything in between).  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and strive to create a comfortable, relaxing environment for our patients and their families. This includes improving oral health and enhancing smiles with the latest techniques and technology.

Comprehensive  Treatment

Together with our referring Dentists and other Dental Specialists, we are doing some exciting things with braces to prepare patients for more comprehensive esthetic, restorative, implant, and periodontal treatment.

Kid Receiving Dental Treatment

Interceptive Treatment

Interceptive treatment is essentially "early" intervention for younger patients (ages 7-9).

Orthodontic Checkup
Performing Surgery

Surgical Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Cullinan is known as the "go to" Orthodontist for treating particularly difficult "faulty bites" resulting from skeletal abnormalities related to genetics, faulty growth and development, or trauma.

Dentofacial Orthopedics / Growth-Guidance Appliances

Dr. Cullinan has years of experience treating hundreds of patients who require braces AND an orthopedic correction to stimulate growth of the upper and/or lower jaw.

Space Management

Space Management is just that... fashioning the correct system in a variety of conditions and ages to create the best possible tooth positions and results.

Smile Check

Gingival Height Leveling

The proper alignment of teeth is important. This is especially true in the "smile zone" to maximize the esthetic benefits. See what a difference we are making!

Teen Braces

Guided Eruption-Impacted Teeth

There are times when Mother Nature does not allow for the normal eruption of permanent teeth. See how Dr. Cullinan "lends a hand."

OrthoSvc_Tx_Damon Bracket System

Damon Bracket System

The use of this system has revolutionized the orthodontic profession and overall patient experience. Dr. Cullinan has used this system for over 25 years because he knows it's the very best system on the market.

Invisalign / Clear Aligners

An increasing number of patients with less complicated cases can now take advantage of clear aligner treatment. Learn about this great option!


While active tooth movement takes time and brings with it certain challenges, retaining the teeth in their correct positions is most likely the most important aspect of the experience.

Dentist Review

Diagnostic Services / Second Opinion

Dr. Cullinan's proven and thorough approach to establishing a correct diagnosis is critical to the education of each patient and successful management of their orthodontic treatment.


Pre-Prosthetic Alignment

The partnership between Dr. Cullinan, your restorative Dentist, and you is essential.  A number of our adult patients are preparing for prosthetic restoration of their teeth (crowns, implants, bridges, etc.).  Successful restorative outcomes start with the proper positioning of the teeth.

Implant Space Preparation

It's always better to prepare implant spaces/location BEFORE implant placement!

Tooth Exam

Intraoral Scanning / 3-D Printing

The Future Has Arrived!
Virtually all aligner/ appliance fabrication is done in our office! See our cutting-edge orthodontics!


In-House Lab Services

With our on-site laboratory, we have the equipment and expertise to fabricate and deliver the highest quality appliances in a timely manner.

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