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Pre-Prosthetic Alignment


The most ideal restorative treatment can be accomplished with teeth in their proper positions.  General Dentists refer their patients for orthodontic treatment in preparation for anticipated restorative care.  This is especially true in crowded cases or situations where one or more missing teeth are being replaced with implants.  In the case of crowding, the contours, contacts, and esthetics of crowns can approach ideal by the alignment of teeth prior to the restorative treatment.  In the case of replacing missing teeth with implant-supported crowns, it is imperative that the implant site is prepared with the correct amount of space for implant placement.  Additionally, the proper alignment of adjacent and opposing teeth, and the most ideal bite relationship can be achieved to maximize the longevity of the implants while enhancing the final esthetic result.


Click the PDF icon to download the Pre-Prosthetic Alignment Infographic to view the dental images.

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