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Deep Overbite

Girl with braces to correct deep overbite

This is a condition with “excess overbite” or the vertical overlap of the upper and lower anterior teeth.  In an ideal situation, when a patient bites down you should be able to see at least 50% of the lower incisors.


With a deep overbite condition, the lower arch of teeth is “telescoped” inside the upper arch and the lower incisors are not visible at all.  This deep overbite condition will “force” the lower anterior teeth together over time creating moderate to severe crowding.  In many cases, the biting edges of the lower incisor teeth are coming very close to if not touching the roof of the mouth.


Aligning the teeth properly in a deep overbite case requires opening the bite during the tooth alignment process.




Click the PDF icon to download the Deep Overbite Infographic to view the dental images.

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