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Damon Bracket System

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Did you know there are choices when it comes to which braces Dr. Cullinan can use to straighten your teeth?  Not all braces are the same.  Dr. Cullinan is an exclusive provider of the Damon Bracket System.  The Damon System is more than traditional braces.  Here is how it is different:

  • The Damon System braces use a passive slide mechanism to maintain wires within the brackets, allowing them to move more freely.  This reduces friction so the teeth move quickly and more comfortably.

  • “Traditional” braces use elastic ties to hold the wire and act as a “bungee cord,” resulting in friction and pressure, which can slow treatment and be less comfortable.

  • Tie-less braces that don’t need to be “tightened” and are gentle to the teeth and tissues.

  • High-technology wires that move the teeth quickly and require fewer adjustments than traditional braces.

  • A clinically proven treatment approach that aligns teeth and enhances facial esthetics providing extraordinary Damon Smiles.

  • More comfortable treatment often without extractions.

  • Virtually Invisible Damon Clear Braces available.

The Damon System is not just a cutting-edge product, it's a whole new way of treating patients. Conventional treatment often requires removal of healthy teeth and/or the use of palatal expanders to make space. This approach is often uncomfortable, takes longer, and can leave a narrower arch and a flat profile. Damon smiles are full, natural 10-tooth smiles achieved with light biologically-sensible forces, and are specifically designed to improve the overall facial result of each patient.

This truly amazing new way to straighten teeth is faster, more comfortable and can improve your smile at any age, most often without tooth extractions. Damon System braces deliver more than straight teeth, they are a gateway to greater confidence, a better self-image, personal and professional advancement. A new and better you!

No headgear or expanders needed

In the past, creating space and developing arches required bulky headgear and palatal expanders. The Damon System's revolutionary approach uses light, biologically-sensible forces to develop beautiful natural arches, in most cases without the need for headgear or palatal expanders. It's far easier and more comfortable to get the beautiful smile you've always dreamed of.

Get in and out… faster

With the Damon System, treatment time is typically shorter than with conventional braces. And shorter treatment time means fewer appointments and a beautiful smile… faster. You may be surprised at how fast.

  •    6 months shorter treatment time
  •    Significantly fewer office visits

Virtually Invisible Damon Clear Braces

High-Tech Clear Brackets provide comfortable treatment, extraordinary smiles and faces for image-conscious adults and teens, often without extractions.

See what Dr. Cullinan & the Damon Clear System can do for you!



Click the PDF icon to download the Damon Bracket System Infographic to view the dental images.

Click the PDF icon to view the Damon Case Studies infographic showing some of the amazing results using the Damon Bracket System.

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