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Excess Overjet

OrthoCond_Excess Overjet

This is a condition where it appears that the upper anterior teeth are too far forward.  The technical description of this condition is “excess overjet” or an excessive horizontal distance between the back of the upper anterior teeth and the front of the lower anterior teeth.


The most common cause of excess overjet is a deficient lower jaw.  In these cases, the lower jaw is deficient, or has not grown as far forward as the upper jaw.  While it may be a little deceiving, it’s not that the upper teeth are “too far forward”.  It’s that the lower jaw and lower teeth are “too far back”.


In growing adolescents, the treatment solution involves dentofacial orthopedics.  Along with braces, a “growth-guidance” appliance is used to stimulate the forward growth of the lower jaw.  Early visits to the Orthodontist can identify this condition and initiate a timely plan that takes advantage of the child’s natural, accelerated phase of growth and development.


In the case of an adult patient with excess overjet who has completed their adolescent growth and development, the ideal solution involves a combined orthodontic and surgical approach.  The pre-surgical phase of treatment includes the use of braces to properly align the teeth, clear out rotations, and coordinate the opposing dental arches in preparation for a surgical advancement of the lower jaw.




Click the PDF icon to download the Excess Overjet Infographic to view the dental images.

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