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It's a GOD Thing!

God Brought Us Together & Gave Us Strength

When some unexpected miracle happens, we may think, “It’s a GOD Thing.” It often occurs when we think about those dramatic, “coincidental” events that cause us to take pause and reflect. These events may not always be positive. Good or bad things happen to all of us. For my wife and I, how we respond in faith to the event or circumstance is the focus we try to maintain.

In building our new website, the idea of a blog surfaced. We would like to use this platform to share our personal and professional stories, as well as important orthodontic and dental information. And eventually we would like to establish a space where others can share their own "God Thing" stories. So stay tuned... more is coming.

While this is unchartered territory for us, we will endeavor to get out of our own way and let God take center stage!

God Brought Us Together & Gave Us Strength

St. Charles, Missouri is middle America at its best. Located about 20 miles west of St. Louis, St. Charles was the first Missouri state capital and it’s where my wife Debbie & I grew up. Debbie was born and raised in St. Charles. I was born in St. Louis and moved to St. Charles before starting kindergarten. Debbie went to St. Peters grade school (the “cool” school because they had a gym). I went to St. Charles Borromeo grade school. At the time I didn’t really think about it, but my first “God Thing” had to be the high school experience that brought us together. We were both in the same class of approximately 100 students at Blessed Philippine Duchesne High School. Debbie lived a block from Duchesne in one direction and I lived a block from Duchesne in the opposite direction. Debbie was in the National Honor Society as an honor student, enjoyed playing volleyball, cheerleading, and was Homecoming Queen our senior year. I was a fairly good student but spread myself thin with the demands of academics, sports, student government, and the drama department.

Debbie is the kindest, most considerate, caring and loving person I have ever met. We dated during our junior and senior years of High School. Despite heading to different parts of the country for college, we made a commitment to each other to defy the odds and see this relationship through. Debbie went to Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville, Mo. (now Truman State University) while I was off to West Point, New York. My break time from school consisted of two weeks for Christmas, one week for spring break and one month during the summer. We wrote each other daily, ran up huge phone bills, and treated every break as if the doctor gave us one week, two weeks, or a month to live. I owe all of my successes to Debbie’s unconditional love and support and to God for bringing us together.

We just celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary. Debbie has gone from wife to saint!!!

We didn’t realize this till many years later, but Debbie & I were in the same kindergarten class and we’re side by side in the class picture!

Tell me that’s not a God Thing!

Leo R. Cullinan, DDS, MS


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