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Life's Seasons... What Does that Mean to You?

We Believe in Making a Difference

It was a very exciting time... Graduating from my Orthodontic residency in May 1987; moving from St. Louis with my beautiful wife, Debbie, our 3-year-old daughter Abbie, and our second daughter Kellie on the way; and starting an Orthodontic practice in Naples, Florida.

I remember that I was finishing up a successful fall soccer program with the Optimist Club and starting daily practice as a coach for a middle school basketball team. I joined the Collier County Dental Association as the "new Orthodontist in town;" and after 5 months of planning and construction, my first official day in practice was November 6, 1987.

Today I can happily report that Debbie & I just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary, recently traveled to see Kellie perform at Carnegie Hall and at a Red Sox game in Fenway Park, and Abbie and her husband Tom are about to make us newly-minted grandparents with a daughter expected in December!

From the earliest time, I have held a consistent belief, we can always do better. Even now after all of these years, I look for ways to improve. We hope our mission to constantly do better continues to be reflected in your orthodontic experience and the beautiful results achieved in our office. We understand that the diplomas and awards I've earned are important to underscore my position as an expert in the field of orthodontics, but even more important we have come to clearly understand why we are a trusted source when it comes to your smile, your oral health, and your well-being...

  • We take time to listen, diagnose conditions and needs.

  • We speak plainly and clearly about your best treatment options.

  • We take a very deliberate, collaborative approach throughout the treatment process and expertly guide your teeth and jaws into a healthy and beautiful smile.

Thank you for the confidence you have demonstrated by trusting us with your orthodontic treatment and that of your children.

Here's to another incredible 30 years!

Leo R. Cullinan, DDS, MS


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